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Welcome To Mike's Free Traffic Methods

Thanks for dropping by,here is my website that puts all of the Traffic resources I use in one place.
Believe me,when I say that you have found the site that I wish I had many years ago. as you will see I have done the hard work for you and I bet you're surprised that it is all free many places will charge you a monthly amount for the information that is here
All I ask in return is that when you join all these programmes You will join under me so that I can help you further.

you will also receive your own version of this website ,embedded with your links ,so as you can build your downlines.
All these methods here rely on your input which is neccessary for strong,steady growth . some more than others

Ok,Lets get started

The first thing you should do is join me in Ibotoolbox,If you have no funds to advertise your programme ,this is the place you need ,with an active forum of internet marketers it's a great place to be and you get free credits to advertise your banners I can't recommend them enough.

Free Traffic Exchange Methods

Ok ,Lets go to work, Traffic Exchanges are a great way to increase your traffic .Just as an Example, during a massive campaign for GVO Hosting in January, in order to evaluate the best methods for advertising the offer, the members were asked part way through the campaign - A: how they heard about the offer themselves, and B: where they were getting most of their own signups from.

The staggering and overwhelming response was "Traffic Exchanges" for both questions. The campaign brought in over 1000 new members to GVO during October and nearly every single one of them came from Traffic Exchange advertising!

Most TE's require you to "click" something to start "surfing" and view a page. Then a counter starts counting down (for our example let's say they are all 30 second timers, but this does vary) and 30 seconds later you can click to the next site. Congratulations! you have earned 1 traffic credit. And if we also say for our example that each 2 credits earned is 1 visitor to your page, you can earn 1 visitor to your site every minute you surf. 20 minutes of surfing and you have earned 20 visitors to your site. That's it in a nut shell but at TE Hit Machine I will give you a more powerfull way to increase this

Below are the 6 I use,just click on the banner and select 'join' you will be sent a activation link to your email address so use your primary one .
You will be then sent a welcome e-mail ,I suggest you start a File in your outlook express called TE's and keep all your welcome e-mails as they contain your log-in info,your surfing url which you will need to enter into your tabbed browser and your referral url which you will need to build your downlines.
It's a bit laborious ,but it's worth it

If you are wondering how you can advertise more than one URL on the traffic exchages then I have the answer it's a rotator called 'Pageswirl'
This great programme allows you to add 5 urls
and then enter the url of your rotator into the traffic exchange
then each time it shows your page it rotates through the 5 you have listed
Click the banner for more info - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

for example you could use

  • Your Clickbank Store Page
  • A Clickbank Splash Page
  • Your Listjoe Referral Page
  • Your HitSafari Referral Page
  • Your Traffic Roundup Referral Page

    I'm Sure you get the Idea,this way if you want a new campaign you just enter a new url into your rotator,saving the bother of changing the url on all your traffic exchanges

    N.B fo the Lazy amongst you join my Traffic Ad Co-Op Only $10 for 30,000 impressions


    Hit Safari

    Viking Hits - Share in Our Spoils of Traffic and Cash!



    Tezak Traffic Power

    when you have joined all these programmes click for instructions how to make your


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    Enter your name and email address
    Just click the button to join the mikesfreetraffic.
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