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Traffic Exchange Hit Machine

Well done ,I Congratulate your determination to Suceed. Ok ,Now Lets put this To work, I'm sure that you have figured it out for yourself .But,if not Here are your instructions.
Step 1
These Instructions are for The Firefox tabbed Browser ,If you are using Explorer ,It's a bit more clumsy but it can be done.

  • Once installed, we want to create a few "Bookmark Folders" in which to store our Traffic Exchanges. Now there are a number of different ways to "Group" the Exchanges. One popular method is to create 2 separate folders and surf all the TE's in each on alternating days. i.e. Surf all the TE's in folder1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and the other on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Personally I have mine grouped according to the time required for viewing each page, so that is the method we will use here. Once you've got the hang of everything you may choose your own way of grouping them, the important thing is to have SOME sort of system to follow. Open FireFox.

  • Step 2
  • This procedure is different for WebBizInsider than all the others. go to your email in box and locate the folder with all your welcome emails .Locate WebBizInsider and find the surf link. this is the link you need to use: YOUR ID HERE

  • Step 3
  • Copy the above link to your clipboard. (Highlight with mouse, then CTRL-C on your keyboard.)

  • Step 4
  • Open a new Tab in FireFox by clicking File -> New Tab. Paste (CTRL-V) your WebBizInsider surf link into the address bar and hit ENTER.

  • Step 5
  • Repeat step 4 until you have 25 tabs open, all showing WebBizInsider's Surf Console. (A few seconds after opening the 25th link you should get a message box pop up to tell you you've won 5 Bonus Credits - congratulations!)
  • With all 25 Tabs still open, click Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page. In the dialog window, put a check in 'Bookmark all tabs in a folder' and click OK.
  • Now click Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks. The Bookmark Manager will open in it's own window.
  • There should now be a folder named "WebBizInsider Hit Generator" that FireFox automatically created for you containing all 25 copies of your surf link. If you don't understand why we did this yet, don't worry you soon will!

  • Step 6

    Your Surfing Schedule:

    Now, we promised to let you in on why we just set up a whole separate folder in FireFox for WebBizInsider. Here's what you should do every day to build up the maximum amount of credits using this special technique.

    WebBizInsider technique:

    1. Open your FireFox Browser.
    2. Click on "Bookmarks" then right-click on "WebBizInsider Hit Generator" and choose "Open in Tabs" from the pop-up menu. All 25 WebBizInsider Bookmarks will open.
    3. After a short while, a message-box will pop up telling you you have just won 5 free credits! WebBizInsider awards you extra credits as follows:
      • Surf 25 pages in a single day and earn 5 bonus credits. (Total: 30 Credits)
      • Surf 50 pages in a single day and earn another 10 bonus credits, plus the previous 5 bonus credits you earned at page 25. (Total: 65 Credits)
      • Surf 100 pages in a single day and earn another 20 bonus credits. (Total: 100 pages surfed + 5 + 10 + 20 Bonus Credits = 135 Credits)
      • Surf 250 pages and earn another 65 conus credits (250 + 5 + 10 + 20 + 65 = 350 Credits)
      • Surf 500 pages and earn another 100 bonus credits (500 + 5 + 10 + 20 + 65 + 100 = 700 Credits!!!)
    4. Next, close down each tab one at a time. Remember: You are expected to look at each page before you close it. You would expect the same from others so play fair. This technique is designed to earn you maximum credits from WBI in the minimum amount of time but should not be used to avoid doing what the traffic exchanges are designed for. If you close down all tabs without looking at them you are CHEATING! Please don't do it.
    5. Repeat the procedure at least 3 more times until you receive the message after 100 sites that you have been awarded 20 bonus credits.

    This technique does not work with most of the other TE's which is why we set them up differently in FireFox.

    For the others they only have one tab each so
  • In the left-hand frame of the Bookmark Manager click on the very top folder called "Bookmarks" to select it, then click New Folder.
  • Name this one "Traffic Exchanges - 15 Seconds". This folder will store all your TE's that use a timer of 15 seconds or less.
  • Create another folder and name it "Traffic Exchanges - 20 Seconds" This will store all your TE's with 20 second timers.
  • Create a third folder and name it "Traffic Exchanges - 30 Seconds" for all your TE's with 25-30 second timers. I am not aware of any with more than 30 second timers so this should do.

    Now we are going to bookmark all your other TE's into these 3 new folders. Locate your Welcome e-mails that you saved ,You did save them Didn't You?
    locate your Surf URL some will require you to log-in others you can join from your e-mail link ,
  • Open up one link, log in if necessary, but as soon as you start surfing take note of the timer for this exchange.
  • Click Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page, and save the link in the appropriate Folder depending on the length of its Timer.
  • Repeat above steps for each of the exchanges you joined (and any others that you may be a member of) until you have all your TE's bookmarked. Your 'track that ad' rotator with all your Referral URls and your TE's with your Rotator address,
    You are allowed 25 addresses on your rotator so with the other spaces include your Opportunity links
  • Note that as with any method of Internet Marketing, traffic exchange advertising can be somewhat of a "numbers" game, so please be realistic about your expected results. You will not have 50 signups - or even 5 unless you're extremely lucky - after getting only 500 hits to your page(s). You need to be consistent with your credit building, and over time you will see results. This is a very EFFECTIVE form of internet marketing, as tedious as it may seem at first.

    You should endeavour to surf at least two of your Traffic Exchange Bookmark categories every day. Some of you will have more time for surfing than others, just understand that this is going to be an integral part of your business-building activities and the more you surf, the more credits you will gain, the more leads you will acquire and ultimately the more results you will see from your efforts. You should aim to build a minimum of 25 credits for each TE that you use on any given day, but if you can make that figure 100, you will earn MANY bonus credits along the way and be driving MASSIVE amounts of traffic to your pages every week!

    Regular Surfing Technique:

    1. Open FireFox.
    2. Click on "Bookmarks" then right-click on the Bookmark Folder you wish to surf and choose "Open In Tabs" from the pop-up menu. All TE's in that folder will open in separate Tabs.
    3. When all Tabs have finished loading, click on the first tab, log in if necessary, and start your surfing session.
    4. Click on the next tab, log in, start surfing. Repeat for all tabs.
    5. Once you've started surfing in the last tab, click back to the first one. Depending on how many TE's you've added, the counter should have finished counting down or be close to it. Make sure the counter is finished (if you click early you won't get credited) and click the correct button to view the next site.
      • If you find you are still waiting for more than a few seconds for the counter to finish, you may choose to open another of your bookmark folders at the same time. This will all depend on how many TE's you've joined in any particular category. You can open up another set of tabs in the same window without overwriting the ones already open.
    6. Click the next tab and repeat.
    7. ...and so on until you are happy with the amount of credits you've earned this session.

    Congratulations! You've just learnt how to build maximum traffic credits using Tabbed Surfing - without having to open 20 messy windows all over your desktop!

    Once again, you are expected to look at each site, so please surf responsibly and don't be a TE cheater!

    Having said that, take a good dose of "anti-hype" before each surfing session! Don't be overwhelmed by all the "Fantastic" offers you will see, don't everything you read, and don't go joining every program that sounds like it could make you money! You will lose focus and never succeed in any program if you spread your marketing efforts too thin by trying to promote too many things at once.

    We will shortly be discussing why you should focus your marketing efforts primarily on building your TE referalls and how this works as a hit machine for your business opportunities to help you build More Traffic.

    There are other ways to earn extra credits, and every traffic exchange is slightly different. You can win them, buy them (only if you can afford it) and earn extra credits by referring others to the exchange.
    by upgrading you can get a 1:1 ratio
    Look for chances to include your opportunity link
    Most TE's have a method to exchange credits for banner or text link exposures, You can have a lot of fun with these ,if you are consistent and patient, and get your message in front of enough people, your WILL see results with this method.

    Let's have a look at how you can use this to build downlines in some of the best TE's available. Working TE's on your own is great and can have you generating hundreds of visitors a day. The real power of these programs however, lies in your ability to build a Team that generates even more visitors for you. Most of the TE's will award you a percentage of the credits earned by the surfing efforts of those in your downline.

    Clicking on "Traffic Exchange" at the top of this page and this brings up the list that you saw on the previous page. These include some of the oldest TE's which equals large memberships (more people to advertise to), stability (have proven they are here to stay) and quality of visitors, as well as some of the best "newer" Exchanges that are constantly coming up with new and enhanced surfing features.

    You can join each of these TE's - and other support programs -

    Focus on building your TE downline and you will also automatically be building downlines in Your business opportunities I am doing it folks! I know people who have been able to "Fire their Boss" and leave their J.O.B ("Just Over Broke") and earn their full-time livings by using this system to build their businesses and online income. But this doesn't happen overnight, and there really are no "get-rich-quick" schemes. With time, persistence, and a belief in yourself you CAN get rich with your internet business but you MUST follow, and stick to, a tried and proven system.

    The next big Free Traffic Method is List Building