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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You may be surprised as to how the Search Engine sees your Affiliate Website.
Here is a great free tool that will analyse your site and show you how it would look as a Search Engine Listing Free Site Analyser
This is so easy to use just enter your URL into the box and click go,A page will immediately open with your detailed analysis.
How did you do?.Was it even found and if it was did the listing make sense.
If you liked it then submit it to 10 search engines for free,and within a week it should be listed on Google.
But I'm assuming you didn't do too well and the problem is you cannot change your website code to get a better chance of a good listing.
Here again is a huge moneyspinner for webmasters to charge what ever they like promising you a google frendly website.
But if you have been following my plan and joined GVO Web Hosting or if you are a GDI Member You will be the proud owner of your own website and With a little of my knowledge and this tool you will now be able to create your programme feeder page ,here's one I'm using to advertise AffiliateXFactor take a look Affliate XFactor Feeder Page which will enable you to get a google listing.
and not only that it means you wil be able to add
Banner Exchange code and more importantly my code that allows you too Add Your Link to this high traffic site
and if you have joined Viral Profits Auto Responder You could have page exactly like mine using your lead generator form for VWD e-Lottery Splash Page  or GDI Splash Page If You wish
Please contact me If you need help for any other programme you are advertising,I would love to assist

if you are serious about SEO then watch this 30 min video Tutorial by clicking the book cover

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Search Engine Optimization

New opportunities to advertise for free are with the ever more popular SOCIAL NETWORKING