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...the Money's in the List, the Money's in the List...

Are you still chanting it ?
Have you learnt it yet? Is it ingrained in you so deeply that you KNOW this will be the key to your online success? Well, I have another one for you. Repeat after me:

The Fortune's in the Follow-up, the Fortune's in the Follow-up...

The point here is that you not only need a good list to get anywhere in this business, you also need to USE that list - i.e. follow up with your prospects and customers. Doggedly if you have to! And one of the most important tools for any serious Internet Marketer is an Auto-Responder.

As the name implies an Auto-Responder (or AR) is a tool that "responds" to your prospects "automatically". We mentioned earlier that each of your leads that subscribes on one of your Lead Capture Pages,are you with me ,Here is a lead capture page that I am using to Great effect
Lead capture Example

This is a one page site which has an offer for an free e-book if you fill in the form ,Have you ever wondered how the form is generated or how you are sent the email reply immidiately
Then wonder no more it is the auto responder that generates the code to make the form and then sends the messages to the subscribers email address that you have preloaded into it so the subscriber receives an instant response, then the rest of the series is programmed to be sent out at 1, 2 or 3 day intervals
Try it and see what happens If you Like.
did you notice my instant buzz fly-in add ,this generates more instant buzz sign-ups,which inturn gives me more instant buzz link exposures ,which inturn gives me MORE TRAFFIC
Do you see how this is coming together,It will take time,but be diligent and it will be worth it

The above is a very basic overview of how an AutoResponder works. and you really want to automate as much of your internet marketing as possible, and there is no better way than with a good AutoResponder.

The one I use is Viral Profits As Whatever your online goals may be, Viral Profits will help you reach them!

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Viral Profits

Ok.I hear you,not everyone will have a website that they can enter in this code to generate their form.
So ,the next tool you need is a website host
Now this is a cash cow business on the Internet so be aware of your needs.
If you just want a splash page with a form to put on the TE's then your best option is a free site,some ISPs offer freesites with your Connection,Tiscali,Orange,Yahoo,& BT certainly do
This may be adequate for you,
Your next choice is a free host like www.freewebs.comwhich is good.

Or you might have joined my ever growing team in GDI WebHosting Where you will already have a website that you could add the opt-in form into.

But if you want a Full Professional Hosting,with domain name Register & Full shoppping cart and are prepared to pay $5/month then you can't do better than the one I use which is GVO click below for details


One Of the reasons I use this is the awesome awstats that you get with this,every view,link,even where your visitor has come from and most of importantly how long they stayed and where they exited from are detailed
This is the sort of information you need If you are to get better at getting MORE TRAFFIC

Another reason you need a website is so as you can put the codes of our next method which is Banner Exchange

The most important reason You need a website is Search Engine Optimisation
Most affiliate sites do not allow you to change your meta tag,keywords that you need to get your site indexed in the search engines and this is why you are losing money with PPC advertising,you have no identity!
It took me a while to figure this out ,think about it ,You are doing all the advertising for the Company Website,who gains ,You or the Company?
It's a case of Numbers you have one site the Company has thousands.
So what's the answer,You need control of your own identity ,How?

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If you are unsure how to get and use a website,don't worry I Do and i am willing to build it for you or teach you how to do it
click this link to go to my webdesign page

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