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Your List Building Methods

Now that you have a deeper understanding of how Traffic helps you build your business, it is time to introduce you to even MORE features to help you "Build Your List" of targeted prospects to promote your business to.

There are basically just 2 ways to do this
1. Use somebody's else's method,
2. Do it Yourself,more difficult but more rewarding.

let's look into these in detail Using somebody else's method is great if you do not have a website of your own here is a viral method from my friend Troy Wray that shows what I mean

It's free & very good , when you advertise it on the Traffic Exchanges anybody who signs-up in any of the programs joins under you and you are increasing your traffic and list.

On-Line List Builders/Onsite Mailing Programs.

Another way to build a list of opportunity-seekers to mail your promotions to that has become very popular in recent times, is to use "On-Site" Downline emailers where you join and agree to receive emails from other members in return for being able to send yours.
With these systems, you actually build a downline by referring other people to the program, and then depending on the system and your membership level, you can email your downline from once per day to once per week. And because the amount of people you can email depends on how many people you've referred, these systems are designed so you get minimal emails in return, usually a maximum of 20-30 per week, although from experience it is usually even less than that.

If it doesn't make sense to you how THAT is possible (mail thousands, receive < 20) it is perhaps explained better on the websites involved, but is based on a multi-level matrix or "tree" structure so it does work. In an MLM you can have thousands "below" you but only a few people in your DIRECT upline "above" you and this is the basis of most good co-reg systems.

most of the newer services give you the option to either email your downline, OR a number of other random members based on the size of your downline and/or membership level. So this is a great way to get your message in front of a different bunch of people each time. And these people are all opportunity-seekers or involved somehow in internet marketing so they are highly targeted prospects to advertise your business to, and they have all agreed to receive emails by joining the program so NO spam complaints!

The following is a list of On-Line List Builder mailing systems. All are Free to join and use, and although most have paid membership options with extra benefits INCLUDING residual commissions when people below you upgrade, you are under no obligation to upgrade if you don't wish to, and they are still great valuable services even for free members.

*NOTE: Never upgrade in any program unless you can afford it, and always do your due diligence on any program or system before you spend your hard earned money on your business, but when you CAN afford it , these extra tools that you use for your business can amount to an excellent extra source of income as an added bonus! This is one of the great things about this business - most of the tools and services you use to run your home-business can ALSO earn you money so they not only become self-funding, but can produce a PROFIT rather than being an expense.

You should also note that with the these programs, you don't get the lead's details to add to your own "list" as such, but you send your messages from their websites and they send it to your "list" for you.

As with the Traffic Exchanges, you don't have to join all these right now (although it is a considerably shorter list than that great list of TE's you were presented with a few steps back!). it should be your goal over the next few days to join ALL the free programs below,

List Joe

This is a powerful listbuilder with email links to earn add credits

State Of The Art Mailer

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

Web Traffic Marketing


This is a powerful listbuilder & host with ways to earn add credits


This is a new powerful listbuilder with email links to earn add credits


This is a powerful list mailer with email links to earn add credits

Croc Ads


This is a powerful listbuilder with on line email links to earn add credits and only $20

Your LuckyList

The List Machine

DeskTop Lightning

This is a powerful desktop emailer with the potential to build huge lists


Triple Your List

ViralMoney List

The Listauction

List bandit


Marketing legend Mike Filsaime's On-Site viral list builder. Build an email matrix that you can email down 20 levels! Join ListDotCom and start building YOUR 100,000 member opt-in list today.



This is a new easy way to build huge lists

At last here it is - are you ready?


Plase enter the ID's For all the above programmes you have joined.
Leave blank those you have not participated in.
Enter your name and email address
Just click the button to join the mikesfreetraffic system
You will receive an e-mail from us with details as to how to get your replicated site - We know you are going to love it!

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Viralhosts ID

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FreeAd Depot ID

ZoomMoola ID

CrocAds ID

YourLucky List ID

List Machine ID

Desktop Lightning ID

Downline Builder Direct ID

Triple Your List ID

ViralMoneyList ID

List Auction ID

List Bandit ID

Listdotcom ID

List Cube ID

SuperlistExplode ID


Phone Number

E-mail address

Once you are done use the same Bookmarking technique in Firefox that you learnt while setting up your "tabbed browsing" for the Traffic Exchanges to place all the above programs into a single bookmark folder:

  • Open Firefox.
  • Open each of the co-reg list building sites in separate Tabs.
  • Click Bookmarks -> Bookmark This Page. In the dialog window, change the "Name" to "On-Line List Mailers", put a check in 'Bookmark all tabs in a folder' and click OK.

You should now have a bookmark folder called "On-Line List mailers containing all the above mailing systems (or the ones you chose to join) so you can easily right-click on it and choose "Open in tabs" whenever you want to do some List advertising! You should do this at least once per week (not all of them will allow you to mail every week for free members, but most will) and more often if you can.
you should always change the sample emails at least a little to give them your own uniqueness or even better write your own! Remember, if we are all advertising in the same places with the exact same ads they can lose their effectiveness. Don't be afraid to be creative.

When you are ready, click the link below to proceed to the next lesson, where we will introduce the MOST IMPORTANT list building method (What?! MORE list-building? Yes! If you haven't learnt it yet learn it now, repeat after me: "The Money's In the List, the Money's in the List...")

Build Your Own List