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Free Traffic Exchange Methods

Ok ,Lets go to work, Traffic Exchanges are a great way to increase your traffic .Just as an Example, during a massive campaign for Instant Income System in July, in order to evaluate the best methods for advertising the offer, the members were asked part way through the campaign - A: how they heard about the offer themselves, and B: where they were getting most of their own signups from.

The staggering and overwhelming response was "Traffic Exchanges" for both questions. The campaign brought in over 20000 new members to IIS during July and nearly every single one of them came from Traffic Exchange advertising!

Most TE's require you to "click" something to start "surfing" and view a page. Then a counter starts counting down (for our example let's say they are all 30 second timers, but this does vary) and 30 seconds later you can click to the next site. Congratulations! you have earned 1 traffic credit. And if we also say for our example that each 2 credits earned is 1 visitor to your page, you can earn 1 visitor to your site every minute you surf. 20 minutes of surfing and you have earned 20 visitors to your site. Thats it in a nut shell but later i will give you a more powerfull way to increase this

First we need a couple of tools.You are going to be joining up to 50 different programmes on this site so that's a lot of registration forms to fill in,so to make life easier get 'Roboform' when this is set-up with your user name,password and e-mail address you just press 'fill forms' button and it does it with one click
Click the picture link get it free for 30 days,that should be long enough.
Roboform The Auto Form Filler
software that will fill out registration forms 300% faster! This will help you join companies quicker which will make you more money in less time. It will even store your passwords for you! free 30 day trial

Next we need a rotator,this is a programme that rotates all your designated sites with just 1 URL ,if this is unclear just follow the instructions ,all will be revealed.

A simple one can be found at pageswirl

If you are wondering how you can advertise more thn one URl on the traffic exchages then I have the answer it's a rotator called 'Pageswirl'
This great programme allows you to add 5 urls
and then enter the url of your rotator into the traffic exchange
then each time it shows your page it rotates through the 5 you have listed
Click the banner for more info - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!

for example you could use

  • Your mikesfreetraffic Page
  • A Splash Page
  • Your Hitsafari Page
  • Your Listjoe Page
  • Your Business Opp Page

    I'm Sure you get the Idea,this way if you want a new campaign you just enter a new url into your rotator,saving the bother of changing the url on all your traffic exchanges

    The best one on the planet is 'Track That Ad 'get it here by clicking this banner

    Now you need to join to take note of your Rotator url as you will need to enter it into these traffic exchanges after you have registered

    Below are the ones I use,just click on the banner and select 'join' you will be sent a activation link to your email address so use your primary one .
    You will be then sent a welcome e-mail ,I suggest you start a File in your outlook express called TE's and keep all your welcome e-mails as they contain your log-in info,your surfing url which you will need to enter into your tabbed browser(see below) and your referral url which you will need to enter into your 'Track that ad' Rotator.
    It's a bit labourious ,but it's worth it

    N.B fo the Lazy amongst you join my Traffic Ad Co-Op Only $10 for 30,000 impressions


    Hit Safari

    Traffic Round-Up



    Mystical Maze


    Webmaster Quest


    Traffic G

    Traffic Pods

    Tezak Traffic Power

    AutoSite Traffic

    Get traffic and much, much more!  Join for free!

    At last here it is - are you ready?


    Plase enter the ID's For all the above programmes you have joined.
    Leave blank those you have not participated in.
    Enter your name and email address
    Just click the button to join the mikesfreetraffic.
    You will receive an e-mail from with details as to how to get your replicated site - We know you are going to love it!

    Full name

    InstantBuzz ID

    Pageswirl ID

    Webizinsider ID

    Hit Safari ID

    Traffic Roundup ID

    DragonSurf ID

    Trafficsplash ID

    Mysticalmaze ID

    Trafficswarm ID

    Webmaster Quest ID

    Linkcrews ID

    TrafficG ID

    Trafficpods ID

    Tezak Traffic Power ID

    AutoSiteTraffic ID


    Phone Number

    E-mail address

    This step is designed to show you how to use multiple TE's simultaneously to obtaining the maximum amount of credits and visitors to your pages.

    Consider this: You have LOTS of TE's open at the same time. Let's say you have 20 different windows open each with a different exchange. You click in the first one, and tick-tick the counter starts counting down. But instead of waiting you quickly go to the next window, click, then the next one and so on through all 20. Now, in the same 30 seconds you have earned 20 credits spread across the exchanges (diversity) and after 1 minute, 40 credits / 20 visitors to your site. After surfing for the same 20 minutes as in our first example, you have earned 400 visitors to your site instead of 20.

    Now we're getting somewhere!

    But all those Windows! What a nightmare!

    It is very messy and complicated to have 20 separate Internet Explorer windows open. But don't despair - there is an easier way! It is called "Tabbed Browsing". and it is the most time effecient way of using Traffic Exchanges

    The first step is to download a different Browser (if you don't already have it) called Mozilla FireFox - it is 100% Free so don't worry, we're not trying to sell you anything here! If you are a dedicated Internet Explorer or Netscape user and you can't bear to give it up, you can continue to use your usual browser for normal internet activities if you must and just use FireFox for your TE Surfing. However like MOST people you will probably find FireFox is actually better and easier to use once you get use to it, and less prone to crashing! It is also reported that FireFox is more secure than Internet Explorer.

    Setting Up Your Tabbed Traffic Exchange Surfing.

    1. Download and install the free "FireFox" Internet Browser Here:
      Get Firefox!
      This program allows you to have many different websites open at the same time, all inside one main window, and presented in a "tabbed" format. This makes it MUCH easier and neater (and quicker) to surf in one exchange, click the tab near the top of the screen to the next one and so on.
    2. Don't forget to install your Instant Buzz to your Firefox Tabbed Browser.You will hugely increase your link exposure credits

      when you have joined all these programmes click for instructions how to make your